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Birdman of Niagara Falls


The Birdman of Niagara Falls watches over the falls, as seen from the Maid of the Mist area. Images and tales of large birdmen permeate Native American lore. 


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Birdman of Niagara Falls

I had just climbed down into an area near the Maid of the Mist boat ride and walk. The cold was biting through my light jacket, spray from the falls was beginning to soak through, and I was concerned about my camera, which was now carefully zipped inside my jacket. But the local nature deva was urging me to stay and look around – really look.

The tusseling between the nature deva and myself was increasing. The deva wanted the camera out and me photographing, I wanted to just leave the spot for someplace dryer and warmer…and the wind spirits who always enjoy teasing me when some really good shot is at hand were having great fun starting and stopping their spray play.

The nature deva of that site was getting a bit annoyed and frustrated that I was not understanding the message and literally would not let me move from the spot, finally strongly communicating to me to look up, there was something important to see, and helping me shift frequency to see the form. The deva wanted the Birdman photographed, insisting I assist. Devas can be very insistent when they need something accomplished, and on occasion I have been glued to a spot until I stop fighting the request and listen to their need.

As that is part of my contract with the nature spirits – to take their photographs for humans to learn to see them – I have gotten used to being “nagged” until I learn to shift my dimensional perspective to match theirs!

Finally the spirits and I came to a compromise. It was agreed I would visually line up the shot, duck behind a large boulder, and in the rare moments when the wind paused for breath, pull out my camera, dart out and get the shot. Here it is.

You can learn more about the birdman in my blog The Birdman of Niagara Falls

This original photographic art piece by nature spirit photographer Atala Toy is pigment on paper – available as a 5×7 card with envelope and as a signed 11×14 matted photograph.

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