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Battle with the Wood Elves


The Battle with the Wood Elves takes place on a Southern plantation once owned by a lumber baron, who carved out a lawn area remarkably similar in shape to the masked figure’s face.


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Battle with the Wood Elves

In this Battle, as memorialized in this wood “carving,” the nature spirits took a stand, holding the line so that no more of their everglade paradise is usurped by the invader they perceive to be a paunchy human! The human is getting pretty beaten up by the elves, as can be seen in the black sap oozing from his battered eye!

The human and the elves are locked in permanent battle, chronicled in the bark of this majestic Live Oak.

This original photographic art piece by nature spirit photographer Atala Toy is pigment on paper – available as a 5×7 card with envelope and as a signed 11×14 matted photograph. By Nature Spirit Photographer Atala Toy

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