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Bastet Bronze Statue


This Bastet Statue connects you to the fertile and creative energies of music, dance, family and birth. Her protective and nurturing capacities have been called on for thousands of years, and her energies are still very active today.

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Bastet Bronze Statue

This cold cast bronze Bastet statue is available in three sizes, small H: 5.5″ and medium H: 8″, and lg H:12.25″.

Bastet History & Lore

An image of Bastet is an excellent choice for anyone undertaking a new creative venture such as writing a play or creating an art piece. Also excellent as a gift to a woman who wishes to become pregnant or to bless her pregnancy with good health. Bastet is considered the gentler aspect of the cat while Sekhmet is considered the warrior aspect of the cat.

Goddess Bastet, also known as Bast, is the daughter of sun god Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos. Bastet is an ancient Egyptian goddess who is still highly revered today, for she is the protectress of women, children, cats and those who care for them. She is also the goddess of sunrise, music, dance, pleasure, family, fertility, and birth.

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