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Astrology Pendant | Virgo


Our Virgo Astrology Pendant is made of silver. It has the symbol for Virgo, the maiden, on one side and the other has the symbol for your ruling planet, Mercury. 

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Virgo Astrology Pendant

Silver with aventurine and rhodonite gemstones.


Virgo Astrology Pendant

Virgo Astrology Pendant

The 6th sign of the zodiac, people born under the sign of Virgo are known for their attention to detail, their hard work, and loyalty, as well as their tendency to forget to take time to play to have balance in their lives. Virgo covers the calendar time of August 23 – September 22.


The Stone of Opportunity for Virgo, there are those who believe aventurine is the luckiest gemstone. Good for manifesting wealth and prosperity, aventurine aligns with opportunity and promotes new growth that is centered on heart energy.


A stone of unconditional love, rhodonite helps Virgo when they are being overly critical of themselves and of others. It helps them to see life with more life and to find balance. 

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