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Art Coaster – Creation Mandala


Creation Mandala Coaster – This creation mandala is also known as the Bhuvaneshwari Yantra. It is the classic mandala diagramming the emergence of matter from the fullness of the unmanifest source (the dot in the middle of the diagram). Concentrating on this yantra bestows wealth and happiness and helps you to achieve deep meditation and knowledge.

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Creation Mandala Art Coaster

Bhuvanaeshwari translates as “ruler of the world.”  Focusing on this geometric mandala can lead to a life of fame and respect, the fulfilment of all wishes, and success in all undertakings.  The energy of this yantra leads the seeker to develop a mesmerizing personality that draws all people to him/her, banishes problems from his/her life and to achieve material wealth.

The Creation Mandala Art Coaster is 3.75″ square, with a stain-resistant glossy white surface, printed on hardboard with a cork backing. These coasters have been designed and individually printed by Atala and Crystal Life to serve as an attractive energy-enhancing element in your environment. You can utilize these images in many ways – from creating a mini-shrine to placing items on the image for clearing, energizing and protecting.

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