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Arcygama Star Pendant


The Arcygama Star has four triangles overlapping each other to create a 12-pointed star with a clock-wise rotating vortex. The Equatorial cross in the middle strengthens the vortex. A right-turned vortex spins the energy of the Star away from you creating a shield of protection in front of you.

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1″ sterling silver.

According to Coptic legend, their society had 11 Hierophants, who were spiritually evolved individuals with knowledge of the sacred mysteries, who were responsible for leading a safe, happy and highly evolved society. These 11 very valuable people were kept safe by a guard thus creating a group of 12 – each point of this 12 pointed star represents each of these 12 people. As ‘Arcy’ means twelve and ‘Gama’ means Harmony then ‘Arcygama’ means the ‘Harmony of Twelve’. It is believed that this Star can help connect you to Universal Knowledge and protect you with Universal Fire from dark forces.

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