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Ant People


This nature-formed mural honors the rescue and sheltering of Native Americans and animals by the inner earth Ant People during two of the successive world changes that have occurred on earth. By Nature Spirit Photographer Atala Toy


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The stone in this Ant People mural is a lighter color than the rock surrounding it. To the right, in the mural, is the profile of an Ant being, with their distinctive long face. On the upper left is the image of a Native American. When it rains, you can see a rivulet of water run from the Indian’s eye into a cliff indent, forming a tear he is shedding for humanity. On the lower left is the image of a lion. To the right are two life forms admiring the mural. And the mural itself is inside another life form created by the entire cliff. Over much of the face of the cliff are caves. I am told by spirit that there are cave openings to the inner earth only they exist in a different dimension and so are difficult to locate. This cliff is in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Alternate Archeology

As an aside for those interested in the long-term alternate archeological knowledge of the earth: Gary A. David, author of Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest, has found parallels between the stories of the ant people and the ancient cultures of Babylon and Egypt. In an article posted on the website Ancient Origins, David states It is interesting to note that the Babylonian sky god was named Anu. The Hopi word for ‘ant’ is also anu, and the Hopi root word naki means ‘friends.’ Thus, the Hopi Anu-naki, or ‘ant friends,’ may have been the same as the Sumerian Annunaki—the beings who once came to Earth from the heavens.”  

Ant People Available As…

You can learn more about this story in our blog, Ant People Rescued Native Americans

This nature spirit art photograph by artist Atala Dorothy Toy is available as a 5×7 card with envelope, as a 14×18 matted art piece and as an 18×24 matted art piece.




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