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Animal Collar Pendant


This ceramic catalyst bead is threaded onto a thin bungie cord. It slips onto the collar or bridle of the animal. The beads are special energy catalysts that clear and balance the animal’s energy.


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There are five colors, for five energies: turquoise blue – gentle yin energy excellent for cats and delicate dogs; cobalt blue – healthy dynamic energy beads excellent for large dogs and horses; white – peaceful bead especially good for animals in ill health as it sustains their subtle energy and helps them to stabilize their energy field to assist them in recovery; black – animals living in a difficult situation and needing protection; maroon – animals going through change such as change of ownership or a move and not handling it well.

Directions: Loop each end through the collar or bridle, so that the bead is balanced between. You can learn more about these beads in the Crystal Life Library, in the energy area, where a discussion about Biomagnetic Research and its ceramic catalysts can be found.

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