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Angelite Spheres


Angelite Spheres help with compassionate, truthful communication between life forms (humans as well as other dimensions). Spheres help the energy in a room, specifically helping with greater creativity, heighten perception, dispel feelings of stress and anger. Angelite is a good stone for the throat and crown chakras.


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Angelite Spheres

Representing peace and brotherhood, Angelite facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm and is considered one of the stones of awareness. Helping you to be more compassionate and accepting, angelite also helps you to speak your truth. Angelite is believed to bring a greater understanding of mathematics. Formed from celestite that has been compressed for over millions of years, these stones share similar properties. When applied to the feet, angelite unblocks meridians and energetic pathways. As with all blue stones, angelite resonates with the throat chakra. It is said to help cool a sunburn. Angelite is a great stone for those who work in the world of healing as it deepens attunement and heightens perception.

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