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Ammonite Pendant – 1 1/2″ – 2″


Ammonite is a fossil that demonstrates the Fibonacci Spiral and the healthy, balanced unfolding of life. Encourages problem solving and survival instincts. Relaxes, protects, gives stability, and structure. Architects, construction, sacred geometry, CEOs.

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Ammonite Pendant

1 1/2″ Pendant. Color varies.

July 2017 Staff Favorite Pick

I love working with ammonites, which are the fossil shells of sea creatures who went extinct some 240 million years ago. I enjoy being able to connect to earth going back so far in time. The shell’s structure is the Fibonacci Spiral, which depicts the geometric unfolding of all life on earth. Working with ammonite helps me get rid of old fossilized energies and move forward in a graceful, coherent manner. – Atala

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