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Amethyst Portal Pendants


These Amethyst Portal Pendants provide peaceful, centered awareness. Amethyst is a meditative stone that is known for connecting to inner wisdom and helping lucid dreams. Wearing an amethyst pendant protects you in stressful situations, from psychic attack and from geopathic and electronic pollution. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Good for the third eye, crown and heart chakras.


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Amethyst Pendants | Portal | Pendants range from 1 1/2″ – 2″ long with heavy sterling silver bezels.

Amethyst Portal Pendants – slices of amethyst stalagtites, showing a ringed center that is not only beautiful but also, for energy workers, can serve as a portal through time/space.

In ancient times amethyst was believed to protect from thieves and was carried by travelers as protection on their journeys. Wear an amethyst portal pendant when you are desiring gentle, peaceful energy to support your life and to provide protection. Legend says the the name Amethyst is of Greek origin, and that it received its color from the god Dionysus pouring his wine over a maiden named Amethyst who had be turned into quartz.

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