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Amazonite Pebbles


These Amazonite Pebbles Amazonite soothes the emotions; dispels irritating and negative energies. Powerfully brings inner peace into areas of outer chaos. Folk medicine: soothes the nervous system.

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Amazonite Pebbles

When ordering your product, please be aware that patterned stones are unique. Thus while you specimen or pendant will be in the same family of stones, its specific pattern will uniquely vary.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite is known as the stone of courage, the stone of truth, and the stone of friendship. Amazonite helps to soothe the nerves and the chakras while helping to align the physical body with the etheric body.  Helpful and rejuvenating to the heart and throat chakras, which helps  Amazonitecommunication to become more loving and open. 

As a stone of truth, Amazonite helps you to discover your own truths, to live with integrity, to move away from fear and judgment, and to discover true acceptance of self. Helps you to express your true thoughts in a manner that is pleasant and nurturing. Place amazonite in your business to attract new clients and customers. 

 Amazonite works with you to help you see both sides of a situation or problem and the different points of view surrounding it. A good stone to help with EMF issues. 

Amazonite History | Folklore

Named after the Amazon river.  

Carved and cut into texts in ancient Egypt. Particularly the Book of the Dead. 

Amazonite Geology

Amazonite is a variety of microcline feldspar. A mineral of limited occurrence, it currently can be found in Colorado, Virginia, and Brazil. 

Amazonite & Chakras

Spleen, solar plexus, throat

Opens and stabilizes all chakras


Cleanse by smudging, passing through incense smoke, resting in brown rice. 

Place in moonlight to energize. 

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