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All Sri Yantra Products


Sri Yantra Products include mugs, mouse pads, coasters and pendants. Sri Yantra means “the most revered yantra.” It graphs what happens to any energy as it descends to earth: three downward triangles into matter that self-correct to include spirit, ending in a merkabah (balanced energy).


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The Sri Yantra is one of the world’s classic sacred geometry images and can be used to balance and energize whatever it is placed upon. When you focus on the image, you can strengthen its effect even more. The image has been created and printed by Atala for Crystal Life.

This is one of a number of core sacred geometry forms that Crystal Life offers. These products have been designed by Atala and handcrafted by us. The Sri Yantra is one of the set of four core geometry coasters and mugs we have assembled for your use; the other geometries are Metatron’s Cube, the Flower of Life and the Torus.

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