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Bargain Room

Here’s a great area for you to shop filled with product and Crystal Life handcrafted jewelry that is being discontinued, plus the most inexpensive way we’ve found to be able to wear quality gemstones – chip necklaces and chip earrings; these are the gemstone pieces left over at a stone cutting facility that are then tumbled, drilled and strung on stout cord.

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  • Amazonite Chip Earrings

  • Amber Bracelet | Crystal Life

    Amber Bracelet

  • Amber Necklace - Long | Crystal Life

    Amber Necklace – Long

  • Amethyst Chip Earrings

    Amethyst Chip Earrngs

  • Amethyst Chip necklace

    Amethyst Chip Necklace

  • Aquamarine Chip Necklace | Crystal Life

    Aquamarine Chip Necklace

  • Aventurine Chip Earrings | Crystal Life

    Aventurine Chip Earrings

  • Aventurine chip necklace

    Aventurine Chip Necklace

  • Black Onyx Chip Earrings

    Black Onyx Chip Earrings

  • Blue Lace Agate Chip Necklace

    Blue Lace Agate Chip Necklace

  • Botswana Agate Chip Necklace

    Botswana Agate Chip Necklace

  • Chakra Bracelet - Nuggets | Crystal Life

    Chakra Bracelet – Nuggets