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Space Clearing Tools

There are many energies affecting the land. These include polluted ley lines, thoughtforms, earth energies and general pollution. Many of Crystal Life’s products address this issue, including dowsing tools, incense, and stones. Here we feature tools developed by Slim Spurling, which use sacred geometry combined with copper, silver and/or gold; and Biomagnetic Research’s ceramic catalysts which use stabilized ceramic resonances to clear energy. Some people combine the two products along with stones, dowsing and herbs. You can learn more about these techniques in our library.

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  • tabs, toroids, trihole

    Ceramic Catalyst Tabs, Toroids and Tri-holes

  • Collection | Water Energizer with Quartz

  • G-33 Resonator

  • In The Mind Of A Master Cover

    In The Mind Of A Master by Slim Spurling

  • Slim Spurling Environmental Clearing CD | Crystal Life

    Light-Life – Environmental Clearing CD

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Light-Life Acupressure Tool

  • Slim Spurling gold harmonizers

    Slim Spurling Harmonizers – Gold

  • Slim Spurling Silver Agricultural Harmonizer

    Slim Spurling Harmonizers – Silver

  • Wireless router tab.