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Pendulums & Dowsing Tools

Dowsing is the art of locating objects that are somewhere in the universe, you just don’t consciously know where! Dowsing taps into the universal consciousness, bringing the information down into the physical realm for humans to comprehend. Dowsing frequently uses tools to transfer this knowledge from the unconscious to the conscious mind. To learn more, read our library article How to Dowse.

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  • Amethyst Pendulum

    Amethyst Pendulum

  • Aventurine Pendulum

    Aventurine Pendulum

  • Chakra Pendulum

    Chakra Pendulum

  • Chakra Pendulum - Point

    Chakra Pendulum – Point

  • Citrine Pendulum

    Citrine Pendulum

  • Dowsing Map Coaster

    Coasters – Dowsing Map

  • Dowsing Map - Portable

    Dowsing Map | Portable

  • Dowsing Rods Long | Crystal Life

    Dowsing Rods – long – 18″

  • Esoteric Tuning: Achieving Well Being

    Esoteric Tuning: Achieving Well Being – Don R Taylor

  • evil eye pendulum

    Evil Eye Pendulum

  • Isis Pendulums

    Isis Pendulums

  • Left Turn Spiral Pendulum | Crystal Life

    Left-Turn Spiral Pendulum