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Living a #crystallife is a lifestyle choice. Everyone has their own definition of a crystal life – but to us, it means living your life in tune with your intuition and earthly vibrations. 
 Now, I’m sure most people are not visiting this place for the same reason I do. They have a wonderful collection of crystals and stones, nice jewelry, but me, I like to stand in the front and play with the wind chimes.…Lois B on

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  • Sale! Agate Windchimes

    Agate Windchimes

  • Alegria - Cirque du Soleil

    Alegria – Cirque Du Soleil

  • Sale! All One - Krishna Das

    All One – Krishna Das

    $18.00 $10.40
  • Amazing Grace Windchime Large

    Amazing Grace Chime

  • American Arts & Crafts Chime

  • Amethyst Pendulum

    Amethyst Pendulum

  • Amethyst Point Keychain

    Amethyst Point Keychain

  • Angel holding baby

    Angel – Holding Baby

  • Angel Numbers 101

    Angel Numbers 101 – Doreen Virtue

  • Turquoise catalyst bead on cat

    Animal Collar Pendant

  • Animal Speak - Ted Andrews

    Animal Speak – Ted Andrews

  • Animal Speak Pocket Guide - Ted Andrews

    Animal Speak Pocket Guide – Ted Andrews