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Fairy and Angel Jewelry

The angels and the nature spirit world love to assist humans. Here are many kinds of fairy and angel jewelry to help you connect with these energies! Fairy Stars are petite faceted gemstones on delicate silver chain, reminding us of the fairy star dust that scatters about when a fairy passes by. The Fairy Portals are a single gemstone drop, forming a gateway you can focus on to enter their world. These delicate necklaces and bracelets look lovely by themselves..and also combining two in staggered lengths. Created and Handcrafted by Crystal Life.

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  • Amethyst Fairy Portal Necklace

    Amethyst Fairy Portal Necklace

  • Sale! Amethyst Fairy Stars Necklace

    Amethyst Fairy Stars Necklace and Bracelet

  • Andradite Fairy Portal Necklace

    Andradite Fairy Portal Necklace

  • rose quartz angel bracelet

    Angel Bracelet | Rose Quartz

  • Angel Pendant | Fluorite | 1"

    Angel Pendant – Fluorite – 1″

  • Angel Pendant - Flying Angel

    Angel Pendant – Hovering Angel 1″

  • Angel Wing Pendant | Crystal Life

    Angel Wing Pendant – 2 1/4″

  • Angel Wing Pendant - 2" - Stainless Steel

    Angel Wing Pendant – 2″ – Stainless Steel

  • Diamond Faceted Angelite Pendant

    Angelite Pendant – Diamond 1/2″

  • Angelite Faceted Pendant, 1/4" long x 1/2" wide

    Angelite Pendant – Faceted – 1/4″

  • Angelite Pendant - Faceted 1/2"

    Angelite Pendant – Faceted 1/2″

  • Angelite Pendant | Crystal Life

    Angelite Pendant – Faceted Oval 3/4″


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