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Energy Balancing Jewelry

You can keep beneficial energy resonating through your personal energy field all day long with our unique line of Resonance® Jewelry. It features a special ceramic catalyst bead handcrafted by healers and based on the original Egyptian faience beads. This bead keeps your energy, and the crystal bead energy, resonantly clear. There are five frequencies covered by this line: Protective (black), Peace (white), Dynamic Energy (cobalt blue), Gentle & Psychic Energy (turquoise), Change (maroon). To learn more about this jewelry, read our library articles Resonance® Energy Jewelry and Products.

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  • ayurvedic, bracelet, shiva, shakti

    Ayurvedic Energy Bracelet

  • Dynamic Energy Chakra Bracelet

    Energy – Chakra Bracelet – Colbalt Blue Bead

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • chakra bracelet - gentle energy

    Energy – Chakra Bracelet – Turquoise Bead

  • Dynamic Energy Chakra Bracelet

    Energy Jewelry – Active Good Health

  • Harmonizer Energy Bracelet | Crystal LIfe

    Energy Jewelry – Change

  • chakra bracelet - gentle energy

    Energy Jewelry – Gentle Health

  • peace energy bracelet

    Energy Jewelry – Peace

  • Protective Energy Bracelet

    Energy Jewelry – Protection