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Bracelets - Meditation

Meditation bracelets are beautiful intentional spiritual tools. They have their origin in the eternal need to carry your private prayers and intent into your public life. Place your intent into each bead, chanting an energy such as “peace,” “protection,” “prosperity” then put the bracelet on and feel it support you throughout your day!

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  • amethyst meditation bracelet

    Amethyst Meditation Bracelet. Wisdom

  • aventurine meditation bracelet

    Aventurine Meditation Bracelet. Health

  • Black Onyx Meditation Bracelet. Self-Mastery

  • Bloodstone Meditation Bracelet. Courage

    Rated 4.33 out of 5
  • blue lace agate meditation bracelet

    Blue Lace Agate Meditation Bracelet. Peace

  • Botswana Agate Meditation Bracelets

    Botswana Agate Meditation Bracelet. Creativity

  • Carnelian Meditation Bracelet

    Carnelian Meditation Bracelet. Confidence

  • Dynamic Chakra Meditation Bracelet | Crystal Life

    Dynamic Chakra Meditation Bracelet. Balance

  • Ebony Meditation Bracelet

    Ebony Meditation Bracelet – 9mm stretch

  • Hematite Meditation Bracelet

    Hematite Meditation Bracelet. Protection

  • Honey Jasper Meditation Bracelets

    Honey Jasper Meditation Bracelet. Gentle Love

  • Howlite Meditation Bracelet | Crystal Life

    Howlite Meditation Bracelet. Strength