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Prayer Beads

These prayer beads have been USA handcrafted by our energy worker artisans and were our first product, when we began back in 1995. Learn more about prayer beads and how to work with them at
 The malas you make are so powerful that my girlfriend and I want to wear them at our wedding ceremony led by our spiritual teacher. On this occasion we would like to order two turquoise for ourselves and one for our teacher —EM
 I just wanted to convey that the care and intention with which you and your co-horts manifest these malas is certainly appreciated and they do truly have an effect within the physical realm. Thank you so much for the dedication with which you perform these dharma

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  • amethyst meditation bracelet

    Amethyst Meditation Bracelet. Wisdom

  • Amethyst Prayer Beads Mala | Crystal Life

    Amethyst Prayer Bead Malas. Wisdom

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Angel Bracelet – Howlite

  • Angel Bracelet – Rose Quartz

  • Aquamarine Prayer Bead Mala

    Aquamarine Prayer Bead Malas. Hope.

  • Aum Bracelet – Turquoise

  • aventurine meditation bracelet

    Aventurine Meditation Bracelet. Health

  • Aventurine Prayer Bead Malas. Health

  • Aventurine Sacred Space Prayer Beads - Medium | Crystal Life

    Aventurine Sacred Space Prayer Beads. Health

  • Black Onyx Meditation Bracelet. Self-Mastery

  • Black Onyx Prayer Beads Mala | Crystal Life

    Black Onyx Prayer Beads Mala. Self Mastery

  • Bloodstone Meditation Bracelet. Courage

    Rated 4.33 out of 5