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All the minerals at Crystal Life are hand-selected for their high quality and vibration.  We purchase our minerals at a variety of price points, from inexpensive options for the starting collector or energy worker to expensive, rare specimens. We also carry, at our store, singularly unique specimens and you can call us for details.

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  • Coil Pendant

    A Coil Pendant

  • smokey citrine mini-generators

    Quartz Tower | Inclusions

  • Scolecite | Crystal Life

    Scolecite – Tumbled 1″

  • Sedona Rock | Crystal Life

    Sedona Rock – 3/4 and Up

  • Tumbled Selenite

    Selenite – Tumbled

  • Selenite Desert Rose, 3 1/2"

    Selenite Desert & Barite Rose

  • Selenite Logs

    Selenite Logs and Raw Wands

  • Selenite Palmstone

    Selenite Palmstone

  • Small Raw Selenite

    Selenite Raw Small

  • Selenite Specimens

    Selenite Specimens

  • selenite wand with fluorite handle

    Selenite Wands

  • Orange Selenite Worry Stone

    Selenite Worry Stone – Orange


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