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Crystals for the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, represents rebirth, vitality, awakening after a slumber. A new year of energy bursts forth in March, much more than our traditional calendar observation in January. There are a number of crystals that resonate the energy of spring, help to perk up your energy, and allow you to have a greater focus on manifesting new beginnings and starting new goals for yourself. Here are some of our favorites for the Equinox. Read our article for full details on each stone. 

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  • Azurite Specimens - Medium

    Azurite Specimen – Medium

  • AAA grade Azurite Specimens

    Azurite Specimens – AAA

  • Celestite Pieces

    Celestite Pieces

  • Celestite Pieces - Extra Small | Crystal Life

    Celestite Pieces – Extra Small

  • Small Celestite Pieces

    Celestite Pieces – Small

  • Celestite Specimen

    Celestite Specimen – XL

  • large celestite specimen

    Celestite Specimen Large

  • Small Celestite Specimen

    Celestite Specimens – 1″-2″

  • Celestite | Crystal Life

    Celestite Tumbled 3/4″

  • Crystal Grid Spring Equinox | Crystal Life

    Crystal Grid | Spring Equinox

  • Moss Agate | Tumbled

    Moss Agate – Tumbled

  • Moss Agate and Lava Bracelet

    Moss Agate and Lava Bracelet. Large