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Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are an ancient craft by which energy can be defined, stabilized and amplified for specific use. These are suggestions for you to work with. Grids can be assembled and disassembled and the parts reused in other combinations, thus we offer these for purchase as separate pieces. These crystal girds have been designed by members of the Crystal Life team, including Marissa Lada, Victor van Slee, Gary Lupton and Sarah Wolfe.

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  • Crystal Grid | Balancing Your Emotions

    Crystal Grid | Balancing Your Emotions

  • Ancient Warrior Grid

    Crystal Grid | Ancient Warrior

  • Crystal Grid for the Fall Equinox | Crystal Life

    Crystal Grid | Autumn Equoinox

  • Balancing Chaos

    Crystal Grid | Balancing Chaos

  • Bringing Peace to a Space

    Crystal Grid | Bringing Peace to a Space

  • Connect to Nature & Woodland Spirits | Crystal Life

    Crystal Grid | Connect to Nature & Woodland Spirits

  • Connecting to your Soul Purpose | Crystal Life

    Crystal Grid | Connecting to Your Soul Purpose

  • Creativity Mini Grid

    Crystal Grid | Creativity Mini Grid

  • Cycling Through the Moon's Phases Crystal Grid

    Crystal Grid | Cycling Though The Moon’s Phases

  • Crystal Grid | Deep Sleep | Crystal Life

    Crystal Grid | Deep Sleep

  • Detoxing Mini-Grid

    Crystal Grid | Detox Mini Grid

  • Crystal Grid | Personal Power

    Crystal Grid | Discover Your Personal Power