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Tree Spirit

Trees hang out in one place for a long time. As they mature, some choose to express themselves in their trunks and branches. This may be an expression of some occurrence in the world around them; they may be a nodal tree for a specific type of broad earth consciousness; they may serve as home to various nature spirits; they may be Council Trees or Grandmother Trees. Explore tree spirit in these cards and frameable art, as photographed by Crystal Life President Atala Toy.

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  • Template-for-Earth

    A Template For Earth

  • Aslan, lion of Narnia by Nature Spirit Photographer Atala Dorothy Toy

    Aslan | Lion of Narnia

  • hedgehog-European basswood

    Basswood Hedgehog

  • Battle with Wood Elves

    Battle with the Wood Elves

  • Bear Mound Spirits Close Up

    Bear Mound Spirits

  • Bear Spirit in Spring

    Bear Spirit – Spring

  • Bear Spirit in Winter

    Bear Spirit – Winter

  • Beech Tree Royalty

    Beech Tree Royalty

  • Bird who swallowed frog

    Bird Who Swallowed a Frog

  • Nature Spirit Portraits - 6 Cards for Price of 5

    Boxed Cards | Nature Spirit Portraits

  • Magnolia Smile

    Boxed Cards | Tree Faces

  • Buddha Orb

    Buddha Orb