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Plant Spirit

Plants provide color, sweetness and stability to an environment. Each has its own special frequency that is of assistance to humans. Here are some useful and beautiful plants. Starting in Victorian times, people would carefully select a flower and send it or its image to a loved one, as a message of their affections. These cards also make excellent bases for crystal grids.

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  • Acorns at Cahokia Mounds

    Acorns at Cahokia Mounds | Card

  • Agave Plant

    Agave Plant

  • Bark Curves

    Bark Curves

  • Black Eyed Susans

    Black-Eyed Susans – Card

  • Blue Clematis

    Blue Clematis

  • Blue Lotus in Pond

    Blue Lotus in a Pond

  • Bluebells by a Fence

    Bluebells by a Fence – Card

  • Bluebells by a Tree

    Bluebells by a Tree

  • Bluebells in the Forest

    Bluebells in the Forest

  • Bougainvillae

    Bougainvillea – Card

  • Lotus boxed cards

    Boxed Cards | Lotus

  • Boxed Cards - Spring Flowers

    Boxed Cards | Spring Flowers