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We have many youth in Blue Papaya who have learned how to photograph nature spirits in their many manifestations. Andrew Ramm is one of our youth who can sense the energy, tell us where it is, and take a photograph in which the energy has manifested very clearly.  Here is a sampling of the life forms Andrew photographed on the night of our annual Haunted Geneva Walk.

Note the clarity of the orbs, their vibrancy and their inner structure. In the first and third images, the orbs show enough substance to reflect light from the side facing the strongest light. The sixth and seventh photographs were taken at the steps leading to a house where, our guide Donna Latham tells us, a young woman ghost resides. Andrew saw her energy and snapped a photo, getting the large white orb in the sixth photo. The oval shaped orbs near some image edges are a result of camera lens curvature of Andrew’s cell phone camera.

Andrew-R-church-orbs-2-7 Andrew-R-church-orbs-6 Andrew-R-Courthouse n orbs-5 Andrew-R-Geneva-Home-orbs-2-4 Andrew-R-Geneva-home-orbs-3Andrew-R-Piano-orb-2