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Crystal Life’s August Nature Spirit Photography Contest is – orbs! 

Orbs at Mt. Shasta by Honey Metcalf.

ORBS AT MT SHASTA by Honey Metcalf. 1st Place in our 2011 Orb contest . Honey Metcalf lives in South Oregon and began taking pictures of orbs “after witnessing an unusual phenomenon here on my property in 2005.” On a trip to Mt. Shasta, Honey and her sister Micki took turns taking photographs of each other calling in the faeries to come play with them! Quite a community came on out! Honey tells us she has a collection of several thousand images of orbs.

What exactly are orbs? Books and videos have explored this topic in great detail. Orbs became part of our cultural lexicon with the arrival of digital cameras. Somehow the frequency and photographic process of these computerized machines have been able to record the presence of life forms often unseen by human eyes. Many orbs exist in the infra-red realms of frequency and the early digital cameras, which did not have infra-red correction, were often picking up these life forms that some folks regarded as danged old dust spots or mist. Nowadays computer technology has advanced – cellphones, iPads and cameras – and the infra-red correction has slowed down the spontaneous photographing of these life forms. 

An orb is distinguished by having an internal structure of some kind – a geometric or a form – or has a rainbow of colors. It is always good if you have an image of orbs and some of them are partially behind a physical object in the photo – that indicates a depth of field. Shown to the right is the first place winner of an orb photography contest we held several years ago.

By contrast – dust spots and mist or raindrops, or a smudge on the camera, are distinguished by being empty, sometimes with a distinct edge, and sometimes with a hexagonal outline that comes from the shutter opening/closing. We receive a number of these, and have discussed them quite a bit in our Information Center – visit From Our Friends – Ghosts, Plasma and Orbs to read more about this phenomena. 

Buddha OrbOrbs like to be in happy places and are often photographed at family gatherings, weddings, and spiritual gatherings. It is my personal belief that what we are sometimes seeing is the aura of a life form who exists in another dimension – we are seeing partly into that frequency, enough to see the energy but not the details. To the left is an orb photo I took that has both a rainbow of colors and a Buddha-like seated meditation being.

Send your photograph and your story of how you got the photo to  We prefer a .jpg with a maximum of 1000px long side. The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life and their image appears in our social media and monthly Nature Spirits Newsletter. All entries are automatically entered into our annual contest, which concludes this year on September 15. You can send a maximum of five images in one month.