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Veronica Montinola is a Feng Shui Master with her own practice – Life’s Simple Pleasures. Some years ago she worked for us part-time and she’s been a part of our family ever since. 

Happy spirit - V MontinolaVeronica gets to travel quite a bit and often sends us photographs of nature spirits she encountered on the way. On a trip to Estes Park, Veronica encountered this happy tree spirit (to the left).

On a recent trip to Malaysia, Veronica and her daughter visited the famous limestone Batu Caves.

Batu Caves-V Montinola

Batu Caves-V Montinola

Limestone, being soft, is particularly maleable to shaping by water and wind. It can also serve  as a conduit or portal between worlds, and is found in many areas that experience a high incidence of spirit contact – including at Estes Park.

Rock Spirit - V Montinola

Rock Spirit – V Montinola

To the left is a natural rock spirit formation resting behind a statue in the caves.

To the right are some spirits who live at the entrance to the Bat Caves (I darkened the sunlight coming into the cave, so you can more clearly see the images)

Below is a wonderful stone heart, in the ceiling of the Bat Cave. 

Bat Cave Heart - V Montinola

Bat Cave Heart – V Montinola

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