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Have some fun and take part in our monthly Nature Spirit Photo Challenge! August’s challenge: find and photograph a Greenman or Greenwoman! Send it to us at info@crystal-life.com by August 31! Winner receives a $50 gift certificate, automatic entry into our annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest, and will be published in our blog and Social Media! (The call is also out to submit to our annual contest – deadline is September 20 – any nature spirit image is eligible – click on link for details.)

You can’t be connected to the Crystal Life store without becoming entranced by our resident nature spirits! These life forms are very palpably present in the store, and will at times communicate necessary information a staff member needs to know, to help a customer. Or they’ll manifest during a quiet period at the store, doing their own product looks. We love these friendly beings – the gnomes, leprechauns, fairies and angels – they keep our store energy as vibrantly clear as a walk in the woods!

Tree-Sandi-5Once you’ve experienced the real presence and existence of these beings, it becomes easier to see their presence in the everyday world. Many of our Crystal Life family start taking photographs of nature beings as well. 

Sandi, our crafting manager, is responsible for working with our local crafters, providing them with the materials to fashion the wonderful unique pieces we feature on our website. She also crafts many of the pieces herself and has a strong connection to nature. 

To the left is a nature spirit grouping Sandi saw and photographed while walking through the Illinois Jon J. Duerr Forest Preserve.

Here are some other nature spirits Sandi has seen and photographed.