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What kind of Nature Spirits like to hang out around schools? Do they reflect the energies of the school purpose, or of the neighborhood in which it resides, or of the students it serves, or of the mission of the nature realm to support and enhance the earth energy of that area?tree by school - Kazuyo

Nature Spirits Group member Hanneke Francois suggested this theme as a contest. She had a question about this topic, and queried: “I wonder if someone did research on nature spirits around schools and what happens if there is no nature around schools? I feel that nature tree spirits around schools have a protective function and also clearing energy.”

Group member Kazuyo Nancy Nishikawa took this photo of a tree (right) outside her neighborhood school. She tells us: “This tree is on the side of a high school to which my son goes. All leaves were gone and a spirit eye and nose came out. It warmed my heart very much. Spirit, thank you for watching and greeting our kids every day at school.”

Below is a photo I took of a catalpa tree next to a dorm at my alma mater, Swarthmore College, PA. Swarthmore attracts people with a definite intellectual orientation. You can see that in the photo – a hair-disheveled wonky but lovable academic type (face in the trunk) whose gaze is fixed on a huge third eye (in the higher branch on left).Swat 3rd eye

Send us your photos, along with an explanation of where the image was taken and what it means to you. Please submit the photo to photos@crystal-life.com 

You can also post these photos to our Nature Spirits community page.  Our group decided they would like to have all posts of that month count as an automatic part of the contest. So each month folks can post as always – but those demonstrating the theme of the month will be automatically entered into the contest.

The February Contest runs through midnight February 28. Winner will be announced in our March 5 blog. The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life (www.crystal-life.com), is featured in the blog and on our community website.

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