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Shown here are the winner and three runners up in a contest we held at the Theosophical Society Headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois on June 16.

1st - Tree Spirit - Carol Jeuell

First Place – Tree Spirit – Carol Jeuell

The photos were taken at a Saturday workshop held on these very special grounds. We walked and explored on a warm summer afternoon, and made friends and admired  how the energies shifted depending upon how that particular area of the grounds was being used.

There were marked differences in how trees interacted with the energies of various life forms, ranging from an area with a shrine dedicated to Mother Mary, to a mature tree that stood guard beside the Society’s meditation hall, to the area next to a tennis court and a meditative sitting area.

First place goes to Carol Jeuell, with her photo of a male nature spirit taken near the grounded energy of the old tennis court. She won for the clarity of her image and quality of the photograph itself.

Runners Up were:

Runner Up - Gorilla - Scott B

Gorilla – Scott B

Scott B with his photograph of a gorilla spirit. This spirit lives in a Council Tree that lives outside the TS’ meditation room and administrative offices. It helps ground the human energetic template for positive evolutionary growth.

Runner Up - Gnome/Old Man - Linda L

Gnome/Old Man – Linda Lawyer

Linda Lawyer for her image of an old man/gnome


Sue Erdman - Nature Spirit

Sue Erdman – Nature Spirit



Sue Erdman for her photo of a sacred cow (top – for the TS international headquarters in India) and below that another nature spirit – both in the same council tree that Scott B photographed.