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“Down here, come photograph my area,” a nature spirit said from below me. I was at Clingman’s Dome, in the Smokey Mountains, at a cliffside rest area, photographing a panoramic sunset with a group of photographer friends. It was a cloudy evening, not much sun but great conditions for portrait studies! So I inwardly contacted the nature spirits of the area and asked if they had any friends nearby who’d like their photos taken.
Clingman's Dome, Tennessee

The nature spirit sent out a homing signal and I set out to locate the spot. For me this is like a powerful magnetic force I feel in my heart center. It is an energy beacon that I navigate towards, which often takes me through fields and woods to find who is calling. In this case I quietly left the group and headed right, along the cliffside wall, searching for a way down. I finally found the path. It went down, and I was tired after a long day photographing.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said inwardly. “How far down?” I was thinking of turning back…

“Just to the turn in the path, we promise you, it will be worth the walk,” the nature spirit responded.




The spirit wanted very much for me to see her handicraft in that area, so I started down.

path down the mountain

Guardian spirit in tree root

Just before I entered the designated spot, a guardian spirit greeted me. He was living in an uprooted tree. His energy was a bit frightening at first, but just that of a guardian spirit, and so I greeted him, asked permission to proceed, and it was granted.

The energy changed as I passed through his gateway – it felt sacred and holy, which meant to me that a significant story had been crafted here, one helping to hold a nodal point for some aspect of earth energy. It was strongest coming from the natural cliffside hidden far below the manmade walkway some hundreds of feet above. I paused here, and the spirits and I began to adjust to each other, to tell this story.

Shy woman






It is a story of another aspect of the feminine spirit of the earth. I felt like I had entered the consciousness of those cultures where the feminine has been hidden from sight by the males, and can only peak around the corner of a door to see what is transpiring out in the world (see her face far right). Love is present – but it is a jagged, pointy edge love that can also hurt (see the heart next to her). She is in blueish rock. She is looking somewhat suspiciously and with a bit of trepidation at the large rock to her right.

full scene




Observing her from the left is an oafish masculine energy, formed of another sort of rock. He has a large, lascivious mouth (an indication of a sensual nature) and while he does not appear to be ill-intentioned, he is less evolved than the female he is focusing his attention upon. That is, the situation comes from ignorance, not cruelty.Guardian Spirit








I walked down the path a little farther, to see what was happening at the other side of the energy circle, and found a large, austere guardian rock.

So here, the nature spirit helped me to understand, was yet another protected and inconspicuous nodal point that was helping to sustain an earth grid. This was yet another grid helping to balance the male and female energies in the world. It is this balance and respect for each other that is necessary for a healthy functioning of all earth.

I thanked my new friends for sharing this story with me, promised I would help publicize it (and thus strengthen the node by helping ground it in human consciousness) and headed back up the path to rejoin my human buddies.

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