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Congratulations to Connie Mastenbrook for her August winning photo “Free as a Bird.”

Connie’s winning entry is a combined photo – of a wounded owl and subsequent owl spirit orbs. The August Nature Spirit Photo Contest was to send in a photo of orbs. Connie’s photo has an interesting story – see below.Connie Mastenbrook - Owl & Spirit Owl

New Contest – “Anything Goes”

It’s anything goes as we conclude our Nature Spirit Photo Contest year. Whatever you have collected during the year, and have not yet submitted – now is the time! Anything that captures the essence of interdimensional communication or observation of Nature Spirits – orbs, rock spirits, trees, clouds, water….now is the time to submit! This month’s contest ends early – on September 15, which is the same ending day as our annual contest. We’ll select the month’s winner. The month winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life.

Annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest Also Ending!

Then, also ending on September 15 – we close our annual Nature Spirit Contest and select overall winners for the year. The winner is selected from all photos submitted throughout the year, on the theme of Nature Spirit The 2018 winner receives a $100 cash prize. Second place receives a $75 prize and Third place receives a $50 cash prize. Winners will be announced the beginning of October. The winning images will be on display at the Crystal Life store throughout the Spirit Month of October.

Send your photo to along with information about yourself and about the image. By submitting, you grant Crystal Life the right to show your image in posts, newsletters and on our website. You retain all rights to your image.

The Story Behind the Owl Orbs

“My entry comes with a story of an injured owl I happened upon at a park near my home where I often go to photograph nature. At first I was excited to see this beautiful creature just sitting on the deck overlooking the pond. However, as I began to photograph it, I noticed that it was severely injured above its wing. I was able to flag down a nearby park ranger who informed me that they were not allowed to remove injured animals from the park and the most they could do was to move the owl to an area that was not populated allowing the injured animal to remain undisturbed. We do have a wonderful wildlife rescue center in our city but they do not come to the animal, it must be brought to them.

“While discussing this with the ranger, the owl made it’s way to a near by branch which hung over the pond. The ranger decided it was best to leave it where it was. I worried about the injured owl that evening and decided to send it healing energy with the intent that the energy would help create the best outcome for this soul’s journey.

“The following day, I called the park to see if anyone had an update on the injured owl and much to my surprise, one of the park employees was granted permission to capture the owl and take it to the wildlife rescue center mentioned above. Unfortunately the owl’s injuries were too severe to recover from and the decision was made to euthanize it. I took comfort in knowing the owl was gently eased out of the physical and into spirit.

“I often receive spirit images through my photographs and one evening while photographing a favorite tree of mine, the following image appeared. I immediately thought of the owl when I saw this picture and was later informed by spirit that it indeed was my owl thanking me and when I asked how the owl was doing in spirit, I was informed that he was now free as a bird!”

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