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Unicorn Hoh Rainforest

1st Place – Nancy Kazuyo, Unicorn

Congratulations to Nancy Kazuyo whose Unicorn photo has won top prize in Crystal Life’s 9th Annual Nature Spirit Photo Contest. Nancy took the photo at the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State – a truly magical place filled with nature spirits who are able to present themselves to humans via many of the grand old trees of that area. Nancy also won first place with this photo in last March’s monthly photo contest.

Brian Toy - Iceland Dragon

2nd Place – Brian Toy – Iceland Dragon












Second place goes to Brian Toy with his Icelandic Dragon. Brian reports this is a favorite tourist site in Iceland! This dragon cliff brings to mind Daenery’s magnificent dragons in Game of Thrones. Brian’s image won first place in September’s monthly photo contest.



Kelli Pehan - Sitting tree spirit

3rd Place – Kelli Pehan – Tree spirit sitting on the fence at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago




Third place goes to Kelli Pehan with her Seated Figure at Museum. Kelli was a runner up with this image in last June’s monthly photo contest.

Nancy receives a $100 check for first place; 2nd place, Brian Toy, receives $75 check and 3rd place, Keli Pehan, receives $50. These winning images are on display at Crystal Life, Geneva, IL throughout October.

There were six runners up this year. The photographers are Sarah Wise, Connie Mastenbrook, Marcia Johnson, Lora Harold, Stacey Gendreau and Veronica Montinola. You can see their images below and also in the From Our Friends Photo Gallery.

Next year’s contest – the 10th annual – will take place in a new format. We are activating a Facebook closed group where folks can submit photos throughout the month, so that all submissions can be appreciated instead of only  the winners. There will be one winner per month (who will receive a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life) and then one annual winner.

We were sad this past year to have received so many wonderful images – and be only able to post a few.  Many of us have long known that the veils between dimensions are thinning. Many of us are becoming increasingly multi-dimensional in our awareness of other life forms who co-exist on earth with us humans. We want to make this Facebook group a place where we all can learn, and enjoy, the results of this expanded consciousness.

So we invite you all to head over to Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts – the community group (not the page) and ask to join. Being a member enables you to send us posts, and to read those of like-minded people.

Runners up:

Finalist - Marcia Johnson - All Smiles

Marcia Johnson – All Smiles

Sarah Wish - Wise Woman

Sarah Wish – Wise Woman

Connie Mastenbrook - Owl & Spirit Owl

Connie Mastenbrook – Owl & Spirit Owl

Lora Harold-Ape

Lora Harold-Ape

Stacey Gendreau - Goblin

Stacey Gendreau – Goblin

Veronica Montinola - Spook

Veronica Montinola – Spook

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