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May’s Nature Spirit Contest winner is Traci Davis, who sent in a photograph of an Indian Chief she has energetically connected to on canoe trips…and this year got to see!Noble Chief by Traci Davis

Traci tells us the story:

May 5th was our first kayaking trip, at Chain O’Lakes State Park, for the 2018 season. I had been talking to my husband about a particular area on one of the lakes that I’d been drawn to the year before but couldn’t “see” why. This year I saw him! The “Noble Chief” stood in repose right there allowing me to see him! I look forward to visiting him, and others, this coming weekend.

Traci wins a $50 gift certificate to Crystal LIfe! Congrats, Traci!!!

Runner up is Tera DeMarco who sent us the intriguing photo below. She tells us:

Found this image walking through the forest in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Seems to represent the energy of the times, our mirrored reflections.Tera de Marco


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