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May is the time for flowers to start blooming throughout the Northern Hemisphere. To celebrate the return of flower season – May’s Nature Spirit Photo Contest is to take a photo of images that playfully appear in flowers.

Here are two orchid images I had fun photographing at the Chicago Botanical Garden’s annual Orchid Show. 

dancing fairyorchid fairy






































And – just for fun and inspiration (’cause our contest is photographs) – some English drawings of flower fairies (’cause they’re the best at finding fairies in flowers!)Vintage-Flower-Fairy-Image-GraphicsFairy

I’m sure with all the talent we have in our group, you folks will wayyyy out do my humble finds!

Contest runs from May 1 through May 31. Winner receives a nice blog about their image – and a $50 gift certificate to use on the Crystal Life website. You can post your photos on our Facebook group page – Nature Spirits – or send them to

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