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May is firmly set in springtime. A time of blooming abundance, of seeing the fruitions of our labor take form. We honor the nurturing love of our mothers, the accomplishments of our youth in religious ceremony and in educational pomp and circumstance. Simply put, May is a time of coming together to celebrate in community. This month our staff chose stones based on how they define their May community moments.  

Malachite: I love malachite because of its connection with mothers and nature coming to life during May. It has been called the “midwife’s stone”. It is a potent aid in nurturing- whether it is mothers to be or new ventures in life. Some practitioners have used malachite in meditations to get in touch with the Earth Mother. Malachite also honors the goddesses Isis and Hathor. Malachite personifies the deep


healing green of nature and represents the innate beauty of the growing plants and trees. ~ Jessica

Tiger Eye: Tiger eye is a wonderful protection stone! I gifted my mom one of our tigers eye bracelet. We wear them as a bond bracelets to keep each other close. It brings courage and strength while keeping negativity at bay. ~ Lauren

Carnelian:  A stone of vitality, Carnelian helps you to make your dreams a reality and your thoughts positive and grounded in reality.  This stone supports positive life choices and motivation to help you live your life to its fullest. Place carnelian by your front door to invite abundance into your home.  ~ Tracy

Muscovite: I chose muscovite for community because to me it symbolizes loving others unconditionally, regardless of their flaws. It isn’t about denying the flaws, it’s about recognizing them and accepting them. It also teaches you that sometimes the traits that you don’t like in others are actually traits in your own self that you are denying exist. Once you realize this, you are able to correct and transform yourself. ~ Jamie

Barnacle Quartz: A Barnacle quartz has many small quartz covering a larger crystal. It is about community or groups in service industries or

Quartz Pendant - with Chlorite Inclusions

Chlorite in Quartz Pendant

family.promotes working together. ~ Gary

Chlorite in Quartz: I love these stones, as they have such a warm, comforting, community healing presence. Chlorite are those tiny specks of green mineral sometimes scattered through clear quartz. When you see this – you know you are in the presence of a collective life form who has gathered together to create harmony and restore wholeness.  They look tiny – but in their dimension they are very large and powerful! Their guiding principle is the restoration of harmony – this can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. When they live inside balancing, aligning quartz – the group creates a loosening of negative issues. This ranges from unblocking your creativity to loosening up and dissipating anger and hostility to the ability to remove unwanted energy implants and to fill the resulting void with healing energies. ~ Atala

Green CalciteGreen Calcite’s good at bringing about positivity and dissolves old or stagnant energy in the home or workplace. Great for spiritual spring cleaning and a fresh outlook on your day to day life and personal interactions.  I sleep with a piece under my pillow to clear my head of the groggy winter blues in order to properly face spring as well as the end of the semester. ~ Emily


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