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March Rune Reading

The rune for March 2019 is Manaz. Manaz is a rune of humanity and suggests communication and co-operation between individuals or groups. A bridge between God, goddess, and humanity. 

Odin’s Ravens


When communicating with spirit, the spirit of these energies can help you through this this time. 


God of Dawn and Light, he is the Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, also known as the Rainbow Bridge. He can see 100 leagues, requires less sleep than a bird, and has exceptional healing. 


Odin is one of the principal gods of Norse mythology. He is also known as Wodan, Woden, Wotan. Odin gave the breath of life to humans. 

Power Animals

When communicating with spirit, the spirit of these energies can help you through this this time.

Hematite Eagle Pendant

Hematite Eagle


Two ravens served Odin. Resting on his shoulders, the whispered news to this Nordic god. Every day Odin sent out Hugin and Munin, the two ravens, to fly around the world gathering the news of the world. Raven spirit may come to you during your times of meditation and reflection this month. 


The eagle is a companion of Odin. Eagles bring you healing, new creation, and illumination of your spirit. 


The salmon represents success through persistance, leaping over obstacles, and residing in healing waters. 


The wolves Geri and Freiki are Odin’s. They follow him everywhere. A wolf coming to you in spirit will bring you messages from Odin. 

March Rune Grid

March Rune Grid


Carrying crystals or making a grid with these crystas, will help you manage this March energy with their assistance. 


Bloodstone heightens the intuition and increases creativity. It provides courage, calms your mind, and grounds your heart energy. 


A stone of energy and regeneration, garnet fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct. 


This fossilized tree resin brings in a strong stability to all life situations. Amber helps to create a positive mental state. 

Rainbow Tourmaline

Rainbow tourmaline is cleansing while providing protection. It aligns your primary chakras, as well as energizing and balancing them. 

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