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Your March Nature Spirit Photo Challenge is to send us a photograph you have taken of an animal as it has manifested in a tree or rock. You have all of March to meet the challenge. Winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life and their image will be printed in our April Nature Spirit Newsletter. Send your .jpg image to .

Want some inspiration for the challenge? Here are some animals I’ve taken photographs of over the years…

…Have Fun!  Atala

Bear Spirit in Winter

Bear Spirit in Winter. Bear is one of my totem animals, and I very often find its image in the trees and rocks I am called upon to photograph. This bear lives at LeRoy Oakes Preserve, St Charles, IL

hedgehog-European basswood

This cute little hedgehog lives in a basswood tree at Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

Woodpecker Spring Phlox

Woodpecker in Spring Phlox. This woodpecker is comfortably resting in a nest of blue phlox. Black Partridge Preserve, IL