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As we enter March, we are moving out of the dormancy of winter and are moving into the vibrant abundance of spring. A time of new growth and reconnecting to Mother Nature – this month our staff has chosen crystals to help you connect more fully to nature, the spirits which reside in nature, and even Mother Earth. 

Amber: Sometimes we need to be gentle like cherry blossoms, yielding like a willow, yet firm in our commitments like an oak. For myself, amber, which is fossilized tree resin,carries these qualities. Amber is the lifeblood of my beloved trees – and it holds their energies stable for us, when we keep it near. Amber has been transformed through the power of time – millions of years of time. It has patience and forbearance and it knows how to endure – qualities especially useful to absorb, during this time of extreme emotional unrest in our country. ~ Atala

Kambaba Jasper: From South Africa and Madagascar, Kambaba Jasper is said to carry ancient wisdom as old as three billion years ago. It has a very strong wise earth energy. Kambaba Jasper harmonizes you with the cycles of the natural world.  ~ Tracy

Tree Agate: Carry this stone to keep you grounded and centered throughout your day. ~ Nick

Moss Agate: ~Moss Agate is strongly connected to nature and provides stabilizing energy. Strengthens self-esteem and works with you to release blockages. I like to mix moss agate with rose quartz to help a struggling indoor plant. ~ Jamie

Green Kyanite:  Commits to nature growth and new beginnings enhancing ones energy and vitality  ~ Gary

Larimar: This stone connects to the earth goddess and restores your connection to nature.~ Lauren

Aragonite:  Aragonite is an Earth Healer stone that is used to align the root chakra & to ground the Earth Star Chakra for a deeper connection to Mother Earth.  It can help ground spiritual growth, raising the overall vibration of the body. Its highly grounding energy helps relieve stress. ~ Sandi