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Mossbrae Falls by KazuyoKazuyo Nancy Nishikawa sent us this intriguing photograph (right) of a lightform that appeared in her photograph at Mossbrae Falls, located near Mt Shasta, California. Her friend was meditating. 

Here is an image of the falls, taken by Bryan Swan, as found on a marvelous website, World Waterfall DatabaseMossbrae Falls by Bryan Swan









          I’m showing these two photographs side by side so that you can see that where that bright light appears – there was only woodland. While the colored lights are light flares coming from strong light hitting camera sensors…there are two circles of light and energetic strands emanating from the central form that are not light flares. 

Light strands - KazuyoThe Mt. Shasta area is renown for its energetic anomalies and strong connection to the faery realms and to inner earth societies. It appears that Kazuyo’s friend was so pure in her meditation that it called forth some light form from another realm. See below for this close up of the energy, and all the strands emanating from it.

In researching this intriguing photograph on the internet, I saw a number of images in which the view of the falls was partially obscured by light forms. Mossbrae Falls is renown for its good energy – and also the hazards of attempting to reach the Falls! So – a big clap to Kazuyo for this photograph of human/light form interaction – and to Bryan Swan for his beautiful nature photo of the falls.

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