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1 Walthers-Goblin

1st Place – Laura Walthers – Goblin

Laura Walthers is winner of Crystal Life’s October Nature Spirit Photo Contest! She sent us an image of that prototypical Halloween being – the Goblin! Laura receives a $50 gift certificate from Crystal Life!

It was a hard choice for us to make – we got such a nice selection of interesting spooky images. We’ve included the top four for you to see – runners up were photographed by Veronica Montinola, Marcia Johnson and Linda Goldscher.

Laura has been an advocate for the reality of nature spirits for a long time, and you can visit her website Being Enchanted for more wonderful images of the fairy folk. She tells us about this goblin:

I asked my guides to bring me wisdom about the goblins and possibly a personal encounter. I decided to go on a nature walk in Silver Falls, OR. As I came close to this tree I felt a deep surge of energy—then the goblin appeared up in the tree. The tree started morphing into other shapes and the bark took shapes of different nature beings. The goblin was ready to be revealed!

Goblins are guardians of the gateways in nature. If there is a place that needs to be protected, they are there to filter or scare away beings that threaten the balance, just as the trolls protect the bridges that are gateways to other dimensions. That is why they take on what we would consider grotesque or scary bodies. They are here to serve like all the other elemental beings. They perform through their service of protection and help keep the woodland areas balanced and unharmed. Their attitudes can be gruff and prankster-like but they are not in your space to physically harm you. The elemental energy can be very subtle. You may feel it as a tingle, chill or hair rising on the back of your neck. Acknowledging their presence opens the pathway. Remember that if you are out in nature and you get lost or a happening occurs that deters you from entering an area, it could be the goblins protecting an area from an event the nature beings are performing in nature. Honoring sacredness is knowing when to surrender and respecting the balance of life!”

Montinola - Spooky

2nd Place – Veronica Montinola – “Spooky”

Second place goes to Veronica Montinola with her image of a long-toothed specter. She says of it:  “A tree in the neighborhood impressed me for its sinister look. There are a few dark faces within and impressive ‘teeth’.”

Third place goes to Marcia Johnson with a tusked being. 

Johnson Tusked Being

3rd Place – Marcia Johnson – Tusked Beast











Marcia took this photo at one of the workshops I give annually at the Infinity Foundation in Highland Park, Illinois. In this workshop, the group reviews how to photograph nature beings, then separates to locate portraits. It’s always interesting how different people come back with different images – some from the same tree! This is due to the natural frequency of each individual – what energies they relate to, what their own genetic lineage might be, and the beings who populate that world. This fellow is actually rather pleasant in energy, but I wouldn’t want to meet up with him if he was annoyed!

Fourth places goes to Linda Goldsher for her spooky tree.

Goldsher - Spooky

4th Place – Linda Goldsher – “Spooky”

Our November contest is – Nature Spirits in Community. That’s groups of nature spirits appearing near each other – either inside the same tree/rock or in the same “community” area. Tell us a bit about the photo – where you found the group and anything you learned from/about them. Send photos to – contest ends November 31!