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We lost some dear friends this holiday season. On the solstice, the devas of my neighborhood had some angelic assistance releasing the spirits of the many ash trees who had slowly been killed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  A quiet stillness seemed to fall after that day on my block, many not able to describe what was different, but there were whispers and songs from the other energies that were heard by those who utilize interdimensional communication.

The elemental energies were speaking of their friends, much as we would at the passing of a loved one. Loss in the world of elementals is just as profound for them, however their mourning is focused on gratitude.  Their words were filled with appreciation,  giving thanks for lessons and the many gifts that had been brought to Mother Earth.  Indeed, the sharing of stories of the different characters was done with great delight and love between the different varieties of friends.

When the city came shortly after Christmas to cut down our old friends, the harsher reality of the environments loss was more sharply felt. This time, instead of talking, the elementals were singing laments as the vessels that carried the souls of the ash trees were taken away.  For days the air was filled with their songs of love and thankfulness.

In 2011 science revealed that studies were proving plant life has intelligence. For those of us who can sense the world of nature, this wasn’t news but confirmation. Can this mean that in the future they’ll be able to further understand that intelligence as they are learning to understand the inner emotional workings of animals?

Our old viewpoints on grief come from a hierarchy mentality, a need to feel superior or in control over our world. Science has already proven that many members of the animal kingdom grieve the loss of partners, children, family, the members of their herd.  With this the old mentality is slowly being proven wrong as we emerge into a time when our partnership with the other energies of our planet are renewed with a much needed respect. A lateral viewpoint brings us an appreciation of the planet as a whole, and in time, heightens everyone’s awareness to the re-emergence of nature living in tandem with man.

Once again the wisdom of the trees has taught my family a lesson on the beautiful and inspiring world we are honored to share with them. Their stirring laments helped to solidify our need to live more fully in gratitude and humility, and touched our hearts deeply and to give thanks for the role all energy brings to our planet.

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