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Pan – by Estefania Mondragon. 2017 Nature Spirit Photo Contest Winner

The theme for this month is simple – send us a photograph of any nature spirit or anomaly you have discovered. Could be a rock, tree, water or cloud..or orbs or ghosts…just things you’ve seen that are out of the ordinary….

You have two opportunities to win this month when you enter our Nature Spirit Photo Contest. There’s the monthly prize of a $50 gift certificate to Crystal Life, plus your photo is featured on our website and social media outlets. AND you are automatically entered into our annual Nature Spirit photo contest!

Gnome in Tree – Laura Walthers. 2016 Nature Spirit Photo Contest

Send your images to and in the body of the email state that you give us permission to feature your photograph on social media and on our website. Send the images as .jpgs that are 1000px on the long side.  Our monthly contest ends the last day of June; our annual contest ends September 20th. 

All photographs entered into any of our Monthly Contests since October 20, 2017 are automatically entered into our annual contest.

Winning photographs are posted on our public-created Nature Spirits Art Gallery – you can see the winners going back