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Summertime is here. It officially arrives at the end of June, but in America, the unofficial start of summer occurs over the Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. This month our staff members chose stones representing what summer is to them. Vitality, activity, joy, and much more. 

Sandstone: Sandstone always make me think of summer because of the amazing red painted deserts of the southwest.  The Sandstone seems to take on a shimmering appearance when the warm summer sun shines upon it; highlighting the quartz and iron deposits found within it. Because Sandstone is created by either wind or water, it is often called a “stone of creativity”. It strengthens relationships within Bumble Bee Jasper Ovalsgroups. Use Sandstone to keep you from getting distracted, especially during mediation. When used on the Sacral chakra, Sandstone can help you discern the truth among those around you and to keep your mind clear when making decisions. ~ Jessica

Bumblebee Jasper: Summer sun, vitality ,strength, busy as a bee. Constructive travel, sacred geometry. ~ Gary

Honey Jasper: I chose Honey Jasper for my favorite stone for summer because it helps bring that joyous attitude that is all about summer fun. It also can be used to keep everyone safe during vacation travels. ~ Jamie 

Sunstone: A highly energetic crystal, sunstone brightens your mood and revitalizes the body. Re-motivating, boosting self-empowerment, sunstone helps you to know your own value. A good stone to help you leave behind energy vampires. ~ Tracy

Unakite: Unakite helps with change of any kind. This is a good summer stone to assist with the changing seasons. ~ Rachel

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