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July is the heart of summer! Time spent at the beach, enjoying outdoor life, spending time with pulses with vitality! This month we asked our staff to choose stones based on what captures their essential summertime energy. 

Honey Jasper Meditation Bracelets

Honey Jasper Meditation Bracelet

Honey Jasper: Relaxing, joyous, and extremely positive, Honey Jasper is the stone that reminds me most of summer time. Like all jaspers, this stone is very nurturing and provides protection.  ~ Tracy

Eudialyte: For me, Eudialyte is about living in the here and now. It teaches one to realize that you don’t have to suffer forever because of past mistakes. You can actually grow more from living in joy and fulfilling your life purpose. It is great for self forgiveness and self love. Use your talents to express yourself. The moment for living is now. ~ Jamie

Larimar: Larimar, also known as the “Dolphin Stone,” reminds me of summers having fun on a beach and relaxing near the ocean or lake. It radiates love and peace and promotes tranquility. Mentally, larimar brings serenity and clarity, and encourages “going with the flow”-perfect for summer vacations. ~ Jessi

Golden Healer: It’s golden light provides positivity and vitality to all situations. Golden healer restores a natural balance and harmony on both the physical and spiritual level. Releases all discordant energies or blockages. ~ Gary

Golden Healer

Golden Healer

Carnelian: I choose carnelian, a stone that assists in keeping me grounded during busy summer months. It also helps keep my creative energy flowing. ~ Cloë

Peridot: Peridot is a volcanic stone that is associated with transformative heat – appropriate for the middle of summer! Formed from fire and earth – dark black or red at gestation – peridot becomes translucent earth green when its energy cools and solidifies. This stone is able to protect human energy fields because it has been through all the phases of energetic transformation in its own growth. It provides a transformation process, clearing out darkness so that grounded, balancing earth energy will prevail. Very useful for healers who are assisting others and need to stay balanced themselves during that process! ~ Atala

RubyIt’s fitting that ruby should be known as one of July’s birthstones since it harnesses the energy of the sun. When the warmer months arrive after long winter days, we naturally give more of our energy to this physical realm, increasing our physical activity and exploring new places and relationships. Associated with the root chakra and known throughout history as a protective crystal, ruby offers a sense of inherent safety within oneself so that one may expand further in new directions. I like to wear raw ruby when I’m traveling because it inspires a “dive right in” outlook for greater enjoyment of new people and places. ~ Bethany

Rose QuartzMy July pick is Rose Quartz because it brings me a very loving energy that helps me take care of myself and put my mind at ease.~ Mary Alice

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