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We welcome the New Year with hope, excitement, and dreams of a possible new life. It is with these qualities, along with resolve and determination, that we set goals for the upcoming year. We are not unique in this regard. Written history shows that the ancient Babylonians first documented resolutions for the New Year over 4,000 years ago. This month our staff has chosen crystals to help support you as you embark on 2018. These are crystals who assist you, whether you are striving for new growth, self-improvement, to move through barriers, and much more. 

Desert Rose - 1 1/4"

Desert Selenite Rose

LabradoriteLabradorite helps us dive into creative endeavors and helps guide us towards our life’s purposes. Labradorite is often referred to as “the magician stone”, this stone is perfect for bringing in the new year. How many rabbits do you want to pull out of your hat? How many new and exciting things do you want to do in the new year, do any seem daunting? Impossible even? Labradorite can help boost your courage and awaken your inner consciousness and guide you towards what makes you happy. ~ Kristen

Desert Selenite Rose:  In this month of transformation, Desert Rose will help you to embrace life, all of its possibilities, and all of your potential. It is also helpful with making sense of things, providing mental clarity, and restoring balance you may have lost. Meditation with this stone will place you in a deeper state and connect you to a higher self by working with the crown chakra. ~ Lauren

Sugilite: Sugilite helps you to let go of the past traumas so you can walk a new path living your truth. Sugilite also helps you connect to the love of your higher self and divine team. Helps you to accept your soul path. ~Tracy

Moldavite: Moldavite is a high vibration stone that connects you to your guides who can assist you with spiritual growth & clear blockages.  Moldavite will put you on the fast track to change, clearing out what no longer serves you & bringing forth new opportunities. ~ Sandi

Hemimorphite Specimen

Hemimorphite Specimen

Hemimorphite: I chose hemmimorphite for January because it is a spiritual transformation stone. In the coming year, I believe we will all need to get some good transformative energy in order to make the best out of this chaotic time ahead of us. This stone is a very strong push forward, but for me its smoother than moldavite. Hemmimorphite has a good ocean feel to it which helps me to tap into my flow in life. ~Nick

Selenite RoseGrounding assist in changes being smooth. ~ Gary

Copper: Copper is used with people’s energy similar to how it’s used in electrical work. It gets the energy moving. This makes it good for people like me with various joint and movement issues, like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. I use it for my hip, back and neck in the form of a raw piece and bracelet to help my hands in various art projects. ~ Emily

Quartz: It is important to start the new year by consciously rebalancing and energizing yourself. You need to focus on clear, accurate vision as you decide how to proceed through the complexities and energies of the year to come. Quartz is unparalleled in this regard, and is one of the reasons why it has throughout history been considered the foremost shamanic power stone. ~ Atala