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Jamie Eck is our store manager at Crystal Life Technology. With many years of retail experience, and her steady, calm, productive energy, we know that whatever comes her way, Jamie will Jamiehandle it professionally, with courtesy, efficiently, and with enthusiasm. If you’ve placed an online order with Crystal Life since mid-July 2016, it likely will have been fulfilled by Jamie, as she was in charge or our online orders and purchasing for the store until her promotion to manager.

Here’s our original interview with Jamie when she first joined the Crystal Life family. 

Jamie, we know you’ve been a social media “friend” of Crystal Life for a few years now, does that mean you’ve always had an interest in crystals, or is this something that has evolved over time? 

I’ve been interested in crystals my whole life, even as a child. 

You’ve recently made a switch from working in an attire based retail shop to working here at Crystal Life. What’s the biggest change for you besides the obvious product change? 

It’s not so much service, however, I was surprised by how involved a retail shop is behind the scenes. Such as how much goes into preparing crystals for the sales floor. It’s a joy to help people get the right stones.

How has your family responded to your enthusiasm for the crystal world? 

My kids have grown up knowing about my love for crystals, so my family is used to it.

What has surprised you about working at a shop full of crystal energy?

How foggy I was the first couple of days. It felt like they (the crystals) were all reaching out to me. It was a little distracting.



What’s your favorite crystal and why? 

Howlite, because it’s calming and peaceful and Carnelian because it’s my power stone.

 What’s your favorite word? 


What’s your least favorite word? 


 Your favorite sound? 

Anything to do with birds. The sound of their wings, their chatter, their singing. Anything about them. 

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