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woodland temple vista

The woods open up into a tree-shaded meadow. It is tucked into one of the ancient rock canyons that occasionally emerge from Illinois’ flat prairies. The meadow is three quarters circled by a quiet stream. On each side are tall cliffs – one butting onto the stream, the other a tall sweep up to – a cathedral wall with two tall icons, a male and a female. They jut out “naturally” from the cliff behind them. Between them is an shimmering portal into other realms – like an altar door from which a priest may emerge.

Male Figure | Outdoor Cathedral

Male Figure | Outdoor Cathedral

Female figure | Outdoor Cathedral

Female figure | Outdoor Cathedral

There is a tall slope of fallen rock beneath these beings and, at the base two large stone altars – one for each figure. There is an array of offerings on each – in their dimension – offered by the priests and parishioners of their world.  In our world the altars are remarkably clear of any woodland debris.

The meadow area is the cathedral floor, tall trees peppering the area as though holding a “reserved” sign for some special dignitary in another realm. It has the silence one finds in the vast European cathedrals like Notre Dame. It is a silence full of the whispered consciousness of many supplicants saying their prayers and asking for divine favor.



The Blues

This is another area in the Midwest that is populated, in a different dimension, by a people I call the Blues. They are very tall and close to nature and are reminiscent of the Na’vi of the Avatar movies – only without all the cinematic “superhero” touches. What we know as Illinois is one of the capitols of their world, which dimensionally exists very close to our own. Sometimes the two worlds shimmer into each other’s dimensions and cross-overs of beings occasionally occur.

view across the meadow

view across the meadow

A number of years ago, when I was an active interdimensional consultant – and before the advent of the Avatar movie – I would get occasional calls from people concerned by the spectral appearance and disappearance of tall bluish beings on their property. It was then I began observing and interacting with this other dimension.  Their world is gentler than ours. From my perspective their buildings seem made of light and are crystalline in structure, straight lines of light securing them much like steel beams do for our world’s buildings.

Vortexes Affect Energy

To me, this cathedral area – in an isolated canyon in a state park – speaks of reverence in both worlds. Many people of our world hike through this cathedral each day. Most treat the area as a blip between two streams they need to wade through to get from one part of the canyon to the other. I can compare it to the land phenomena known to some dowsers where a vortex of energy pushes back on the natural weave of earth grids, creating a stacking of lines around the vortex field. This stacking makes it slightly unpleasant to move through, and deters some people from entering the area. The difference in the energy inside and outside the vortex is so different that people often want to leave quickly – unless they have some specific reason to stay.

These vortexes exist everywhere, in different strengths. Sometimes, as in this cathedral, they are so strong that the light inside the vortex is a different color from that outside it. These energies can be useful and I recommend, when you come upon such an area, you pause for a few moments and identify with what is occurring. 

Cathedrals and ancient churches, temples and mosques are places where the energy of worship pushes back the natural energy grids of the area, and creates a dowsable stacking of energy lines around the perimeter of the building. Unless you have a reason to be inside – you tend to walk by it quickly.

This same phenomena is present in humans. Sometimes a person who is focusing on light pushes back the natural balancing darkness, which stacks around their energy field like a disguising shell. These people are beautiful inside, when you get to know them, but frequently unattractive when looked at from the outside. Sometimes a person focused on negative or dark energies will push all light outside their energy field, with the result that they seem to be surrounded by attractive light that entices the unwary to get involved. This is why a spiritual person (v religious person) seeks to harmonize dark and light inside their own energy, so that all energy flows through them, unimpeded by any internal conflict, with no altering or stacking of energetic grids then occurring.

Working with the Lightfields Behind Matter

To help you master and harmonize the universal energies that flow through you each day, I recommend you work with sacred geometry, sound such as singing bowls and incense. Study what frequencies you surround yourself with each day and make sure your clothes, food, home and entertainment are ones that support a healthy lifestyle.

Metatron's Cube

Metatron’s Cube

Sacred geometry is a visual depiction of the subtler lightfields that form all matter and if you focus on core geometries, you can help your own energy field to rebalance and strengthen. To assist, Crystal Life provides core geometries on a variety of everyday objects. We have many articles on Sacred Geometry in our library and I invite you to explore them!

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